12 Reasons Where a Daily Care Call Will Help

12 Reasons Where a Daily Care Call Will Help

  1.  Older Loved one living alone
    This is when the elder wishes to remain in their own home but has the comfort of knowing someone is checking in on them every day to make sure they are OKAY
  2. A couple living together but one is a carer for the other
    Usually, the husband or wife is looking after their partner and the family believes they are safe.  Whoever is the carer becomes incapacitated or worse. Then what?
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  3.  People who have fallen or have a number of falls
    The statistics show people who have fallen are much more likely to fall again.
  4. Loved ones with a disability or special need
    An example might be someone who is an epileptic.
  5. You have a pet and if you fall you want the pet to survive
    Survival of pets it’s critical that you are found sooner rather than later.  Caring for domestic animals is ongoing.  read more
  6. People with chronic health conditions
    Elderly, who are diabetic, or with heart disease 
  7. Anyone who needs post or pre-hospital transition care after surgery
    Surgery often results in persons living by themselves and not being able to look after themselves properly. Or even just having a relapse
  8. University students living away from home for the first time
    Mom’s not sure a daughter or son is safe
  9. Persons living and working on their own as a security check in.
    Sound silly, but someone living alone might like to know that someone will know if they are injured/kidnapped or worse
  10. Where a person doesn’t need full-time attendance of a carer.
  11. Organisations that provide support in home care.
    Reduce costs for their organisation and still know the people they are caring for are OKAY
  12. Medicine reminders 


Care Systems

Do you need a monitored system?

A monitored system means the call button connects with someone at a 24/7 dispatch centre. Other systems can call a person of your choosing like a family member or friend.

At the end of the day, it still relies on the loved one wearing the Medical Alert Device and being able to make contact with the provider.

Do you need fall detection?

Some companies offer fall detection for an additional fee using the medical alert. Separate devices, an app for your mobile phone, a watch to wear that will notify the monitors of the device that you have fallen.

This is a feature that many systems provide however it is not without issues. The device must be worn and calibrated, battery-operated you’ll need to make sure that the device comes with 2 batteries.

With drop indicating devices if you lay on the floor then an emergency call may be activated.

Beware of complicated pricing plans and hidden fees.

Companies will sometimes add these to ‘trick’ consumers. Look for ones without extra fees related to equipment, installation, or activation.

CareCallingNow Cares

  • ✅ 1 Automated Daily Care Calls for YOUR PEACE OF MIND.
  • ✅ Your Loved One/s are Called EVERY DAY
  • ✅ Up to 2 Alternate Numbers Included
  • ✅ NO Contracts* – you can cancel anytime
  • ✅ NO Setup Cost
  • ✅ If the call isn’t answered then help will be called

Find out if your insurance, Medicare or NDIS will cover your system.

In some states of the USA Medicaid will cover at least part of the cost and your insurance company may offer discounts and waivers as well.


Falls among older adults are extremely common with an estimated 2.5 million older adults treated for fall injuries in the U.S. every year. An estimated 25,000 of those fall injuries result in death. Justifiably so, 8 out of 10 caregivers are worried about preventing falls by their parents or grandparents.

2.5 million adults 65 years and older are treated in the ER for fall injuries in the US at a cost of $35,000

The average hospital bill for a fall injury with Medicare covering only about 78% of the cost

The percentage of hip fractures caused by falls is 95 per cent

The cost to society and the family of not being found early (preferably the next day) is horrendous. And this is only one of 12 Reasons Where a Daily Check-in Call Will Help your loved one.

12 Reasons Where a Daily Care Call Will Help, Help I've fallen & can't get up, 12 Reasons Where a Daily Care Call Will Help
Medical Alert Resources 

Let us know if you can think of more reasons why CareCallingNow daily check-in call would help you or someone you love and we’ll add it to our 12 Reasons Where a Daily Check-in Call Will Help

12 Reasons Where a Daily Care Call Will Help, RUOK , Help I've fallen and can't getup

CareCallingNow is here for when you’ve fallen. Help I’ve fallen and can’t getup