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How to Be of Service for Older Adults in Your Community


It’s unfortunate that many seniors in our communities don’t get the assistance they need. In order to ensure we stay up-to-date on the challenges seniors deal with in their everyday lives, especially the ones who no longer have family or friends to call upon, it’s crucial for all of us to find ways of how to be of service for older adults in your community. to be of service to older adults in our communities.


Below, CareCallingNow offers some helpful resources with information on how each of us can step up to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the aging community.

1. Physical Well-Being

When connecting with seniors, take the time to make sure they are healthy and safe at home.

    • Consider signing up for a CareCallingNow plan, which provides a daily check-in with your loved one to ensure they are okay, and to give you peace of mind.
    • Encourage them to stay active by joining them in doing one of these exercises, which will improve their strength and balance.
    • Seniors who live on their own and don’t like to cook can maintain a nutritious diet thanks to restaurant and meal kit delivery services. You can also help mobility-challenged seniors connect with grocery delivery to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

2. Emotional Well-Being

It’s also important to make sure older adults are having their emotional needs met.

    • Keep seniors company by participating in one of these fun activities with them.
    • Senior counselling can be a lifeline to a loved one who is struggling with a serious mental health condition. If you see signs of depression, encourage them to get help.

3. Financial Well-Being

If you’re a trusted friend, help make sure their finances are in order.

    • Seniors on a fixed income will benefit from setting up a strategic budget for all of their expenses.
    • Help older adults keep their savings intact and avoid fraud, which thousands of seniors fall victim to every year.
    • When they need repairs, yard service, house cleaning or even furniture cleaning, help them connect with trustworthy and affordable professionals.

4. Spiritual Well-Being

Lastly, if they’re part of one, help them stay connected to their church community.

    • There are a surprising number of health benefits for seniors who are actively religious.
    • Spiritual organizations offer a way for older adults to feel like valued members of their religious community on both a small and large scale.
    • If you’re a member of the same church as your loved one, use these strategies to make sure they (and other elder members) feel included.

From helping seniors stay safe at home and maintain a healthy routine to caring for their emotional and spiritual health, there are many ways we can all participate in the senior caregiving village. Read through these resources to get ideas for how you can help. You can rest assured that any assistance you provide will be appreciated by the seniors in your life.

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