Care Calling Now Reviews

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Care Calling Now Reviews

Testimonial Review by Max

My main concern was not so much as what would happen to me but if what if I were to fall or worse still die but what would happen to my precious dog Lily.
How long would she survive without food and water? CareCallingNow call every day gives me peace of mind knowing Lily will be found & looked after.

Testimonial Review By Ida

Ida’s daughter contacted Care Calling because she had spoken to the Red Cross in Sydney and they had informed her that there was a 12 month waiting list. Ida and her daughter weren’t keen to want that long. Care Calling Now started calling us very the next day!  Ida and I are delighted with the service and it gives us peace of mind.

Review Testimonial by Maureen

We call Maureen every-day even though she has 3 adult children.
Maureen said that Care Calling Now takes the pressure off them to call her every-day. This way my family have the peace of mind knowing that I’m checked on every-day and now they no longer feel under pressure to call to check-in all the time. Instead, they just call me anytime with any sense of they must!


Care Calling Now Reviews, check-in calls every day for your peace of mind


2GB Sunday Night Radio Host/ Uniting Church Reverend Bill Crews

“This is a great way to keep people living independently in their own homes longer, which will save a lot of money in nursing home care. It also provides the reassurance that your loved ones are okay, healthy and safe in their home.”

Cathy M – a retired nurse

“I would recommend CareCallingNow to anybody who wants to rest easy knowing that their loved ones are checked on daily, initially I had my doubts about an automated voice but once the first week passed I was really happy that I didn’t have to speak to anyone”

Kathleen giving Care Calling Now Reviews

A Very much a heartfelt testimonial on what CareCalling now could have done for her father.

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