Couple staying in touch to protect the elderly

Ian and Irene Manson are 100% committed to their new online business, CareCallingNow.
Ian and Irene Manson are 100% committed to their new online business, CareCallingNow.Yvonne Gardiner

Couple staying in touch to protect the elderly

Both aged in their 60s, the couple left a management rights business to set up CareCallingNow, a web-based enterprise that keeps in constant touch with those needing attention, nine months ago.

Irene said vulnerable people on the call list for the daily “welfare check” could be disabled, elderly or post-operative.

“All the info we need is their name, address and phone number,” she said.

“We do one call a day at a pre-determined time.

“It becomes part of the daily routine – basically a ‘hi’ and push a key, then the call is registered.

“Because it’s a third party, it’s not so invasive.”

If there is no response, CareCallingNow makes another two attempts to make contact before calling in someone who can go into the house and check on the person.

“Whoever’s paying the bill will get a call or text, plus an email,” Irene said.

“Three or four days is common to be on the floor if they have nothing in place.

“Our service is primarily peace of mind.

“If you just save one person from dying alone and unnoticed, then we’ve done our job.”

The online service is international, covering America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and operates from the couple’s home at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast.

The Mansons are working with in-home care organisations to grow their business.

As that happens, they will employ more semi-retirees.

One of the motivations for starting the business was an experience with Ian’s mum, who was living alone.

“We bought her one of those medical alert necklaces, but she refused to wear it,” Irene said.

“She had a stroke and, even if she’d been wearing it, she was paralysed and couldn’t use it.”

Irene says that running a business via the internet allows the flexibility to work when they need to and to prioritise personal commitments such as picking up the grandchildren from school.

Ian is the “tech” wizard in the business, and admits that side of it is challenging.

“I’ve always had an interest in online,” he said.

“Our service is working so far, and so we’re happy.”

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