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A Daily Call In Service For the Elderly

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My Mum is 91 and I tried to get her onto the Red Cross Service but there is a 12 month waiting list in Sydney.
I was relieved when Irene said that Mum would could get a call the next day.

Michelle NSW

One of my sons gave me a Medical Care Alert device to wear around my neck.
My concern was that the battery was being so close to my heart…. so I wouldn’t wear it! 

Mavis Vic

My main concern was that if something were to happen to me what would become of my precious dog Lilly.
It was such a relief for me to know she would not be left to suffer!

Peter WA

Irene and Ian Manson


+61 4220948 163

Do you have parent/s or grandparent/s that live alone?

Could you be concerned about their safety (vulnerability living alone?)

If something should happen to them and they can't help you currently have any measures in place?

How long would it be before you knew that they needed help?

Do they currently have any medical alert devices?

Do they wear it?

Are they worth less than 2 coffees a week?

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