Fallen Lady Without Her Alert Device Wondering When Help is Coming

Are You Worried About Your Loved One Living Alone?
Is She Vulnerable To Falls Or Accidents?
Has She Fallen Before?
Statistics Show If A Person Over 65 Has Fallen Once. There Is A Higher Chance They Will Fall Again Within 6 Months
How Does She Get Help?
When She Can’t Get Up Off The Floor Because She’s…
2.Not Strong Enough
4. Something Has Fallen On Her While She Is On The Floor Is She Safe?
How Long Before Some One Discovers Her?
How Will It Affect Her Health?
What If…
– She Can’t Reach The Phone?
– Can’t Press The Medical Alert Button?
What Then?
Will she be found in time?
If These Are Things That You Worry About Then…
Discover How You Can Reduce The Risks Of Not Being Found Within 24 Hours OR Longer
Spending 24 Hours Or More On The Floor Increases The Likelihood Of Serious Complications
Take Action Now!
Sign up for a plan with CareCallingNow so that you know they are safe at least every 24 HOUR

Care calls are made daily so you can sure they are OKAY and give you peace of mind

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