What is a Care Call?

CareCallingNow makes an automated call to your loved one at a time nominated by them. The wellness check in call will instruct your loved on to acknowledge that they are OK by pushing any numbered key on their mobile or landline phone, this will then end the process until the next scheduled call.

If a client doesn’t answer the phone, CareCallingNow will attempt to call them back two more times, at approximately 15 minute intervals between calls (that’s three attempts in 30minutes).

If there is no response on the third attempt, CareCallingNow will now call the alternate numbers that were provided at time of registration, usually a neighbor or someone who lives nearby who can physically check to make sure your loved on is OK. Should you have a second alternate number, again someone who lives nearby, CareCallingNow call them if the first alternate doesn’t answer.

When the alternates are contacted they are also required to acknowledge that they have received our call and thereby accepting it is their responsibility to physically check on your loved one as soon as possible. 

If none of these numbers answer, then the nominated emergency contact, will receive either a phone call or will be sent a text message plus an email notifying them that there has been no response from any of the numbers provided and that now they now need to to something as a matter of urgency.That person is then responsible for making sure the loved one is OK.


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