How to Get Help if you Fall

How to “Get Help if you Fall”
Daily Alert System

Don’t wait until you are experiencing an emergency to think about protecting yourself. When you fall you need to be able to know how to Get Help if you Fall.
Let CareCallingNow Daily Alert System help you live a fuller life, with confidence and security. You will know that you will be found if you can’t get up off the floor by yourself.
No more waiting for days to be found. At worst you will be found within 24 hours.
This means that you should find it easier to stay calm. Check yourself out for any injuries. You may if you are feeling strong enough, after getting over the initial shock of your fall, attempt to get up yourself.
Should you not be able to get you still know that help will be on the way shortly. This will allow you to live on, independently, in your own home with confidence that help will soon be on the way to assist you back on your feet.
You or your parent or grandparent will receive a daily automated call to check that they are OK. Giving your whole family confidence & security of knowing you are OK every day.

Get Help if you Fall on phone

  1. No Activation Fee

  2. No Equipment to Buy

  3. No Long-term Contract

  4. Cancel at any time – No Cancellation Fees

Our personal are you OK consultants are standing by, ready to answer all your enquiries. So you can live life safely and independently in your own home.

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Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up so if read this page about to Get Help if you Fall then please enrol in our plan for a month to get peace of mind for your family