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How To Help the Aged Living At Home Alone”

By Irene Manson – Nov 4, 2016

If you have an elderly parent or loved one living alone you probably worry that they are okay. You know that they value their independence and want to stay in their own home but at the same time you’re concerned about the fall risks and that they may have an accident and not be able to get up off the floor as there is no one there to assist them. That’s where CareCallingNow helps out.


Our daily, automated call program allows us to call your elderly parent or loved one living alone and check-in on them once or several times a day, with customised strategies and alerts kicking in if no one answers.

The call program is simple. You decide how often you want these care calls made. You decide how often you want us to call each day. Dealing with an elderly parent can be difficult, especially if you have your own family to contend with as well as work and some social life for yourself from time to time. It can be very draining finding the time to do all that is asked of you. Some of you will find it difficult, and say but my elderly parent is my responsibility… I should be able to do this myself!!!

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None of us are super humans sometimes it is best to let go and lose the battle but win the war. How many times have you thought I must ring my elderly parent or loved one and then think do I have an hour to spare and we all put it off to another day and before we know it several days, if not a week have passed without calling…and we feel even worse?

Sometimes you just need a little extra support caring for your elderly parent if you are in regular touch with your parent or loved one but you’re going away for a while. Imagine what it would be like to know that everything is okay with your elderly parent or loved one…without you having to personally check, or ask all the time??? There’s no doubt about it – living at home is good for the emotional health and wellbeing of elderly people. It represents familiar comforts, privacy and self-sufficiency. But accidental falls are a leading cause of injury for the elderly and research shows a whopping 55% of all falls actually take place in the home.

If a fall or accident happens to your elderly parent or loved one, how long might it be before they are discovered? There are many references to people lying on the floor in their home for days, weeks and even years before they are found…and all because they were unable to get up off the ground by themselves. You might say…well we have one of those alert systems that our elderly parent or loved one wears around their neck or on their wrist. The key word here is “wear” I know in my experience that is not always the case and then you need to consider once they have fallen are they capable of pushing the button to notify the monitoring company. Also the 2 systems are by no means mutually exclusive one is proactive the other reactive!!!

It’s a safety net for your elderly parent or loved one and peace of mind for you.

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