Readiness of Aged Care for Baby Boomers

The following article by shows that Americans, like other Western Societies, have not planned properly for their futures as they age.

It’s Time for a Senior Care Reality Check

“Don’t wait until the crisis happens before putting on the seatbelt. Be proactive and enjoy the ride!”

“People who are not prepared get care that is chosen by someone else.”

“The greatest consequence of not being fully prepared for experiencing a long term care need is becoming unable to live our elder years the way we want.”

Senior Care Includes More Than Nursing Homes

American’s Have More Options Now Than Ever Before

Projected Care Choices of Those Needing Long Term Care

Source: Long-Term Care Over an Uncertain Future (2006)
“Part of the problem of course is that Medicaid covers institutional nursing home care to a much greater extent than it covers home and community-based care and this will need to change in the future to make budget for the aging go futher”.