Medical Alert System Mom Won’t Wear it Now!

What Advice Do We Give For The Caregivers

Have you spent considerable time investigating and gathering detailed information learning about the all the technology with medical alert systems and how they operate and have you made a choice and purchased medical alert system your loved one?

If you were like us you believed “This is gonna be great!” “Mom and the whole family would know that Mom was OKAY. You explained to mom how it works so you get her to put it on & you figure all is well.  She told us she understands how it worked, she says “How hard can it be I just have to push the button if I get into trouble. I’ll be fine!, Besides I don’t really need it I’m still OKAY.”

As I lived over a 1000 miles away I was blissfully unaware that mom had stopped wearing the medical alert device. It wasn’t until the family came to visit Mom 3 months later and asked Mom “Hey Mom, where is the new medical alert button we got you? Do you still wear it?”  Mom says, “It wasn’t comfortable around my neck, it made it ache, so I took it off. It’s on the dresser in case I need it.”  ~
We stayed with Mom for a week and we had a few discussions regarding her health & safety over the week & how the medical alert system would give our family and Mom peace of mind should she fall & not be able to get up again that she would be able to get help.

“We wished that we had a CareCallingNow Service so we could be certain she was OKAY” 

Then we went home, back to our busy lives. Then a few months later the thing we all dreaded she had fallen. Of course, she didn’t tell us about it but fortunately as we learned later a neighbour happened to be visiting and was able to assist her.  Sometime later we learnt of her fall incident from my brother-in-law who had been speaking with the neighbour.
Naturally, he decided to find out what had happened to the medical alert system that Mom wouldn’t wear. After listening to Moms excuses she couldn’t remember where the medical alert necklace was so he decided to have a look for the medical alert button. The next 10 minutes were spent looking around the home, he found it in the top drawer right next to mom’s bed.
Fortunately that wasn’t to be the worst possible place he was to find it (at a later time it was actually found in the draw with all those handy knickknacks in the kitchen) but the medical device console with a large emergency button was still connected to the landline in the dining room sitting on top of the phone stand with the phone, out of reach if you have fallen on the floor and can’t get up.
Mom won’t wear it she thinks there is NO real need for the medical alert button.
Mom said “I’m still fine don’t worry I will be OKAY” The neighbours’ check-in on me regularly, the son-in-law checks by few times during the week so don’t worry everything will be fine.

That’s it Mom Won’t Wear Medical Alert System Bracelet.
As a family, we had given her plenty of advice and time, and now she stopped even trying to get used to the idea of a medical alert system.  What should you do?  I mean we know that it’s the best thing for her, right.  You can’t possibly ring more often or visit her every day, have the someone else spend more time checking in on her than they already do.  I mean, you all have your own life to live, right?  Now you feel stressed, frustrated, guilty when you can’t.
The solution from your point of view is very simple, Mom only had to wear the medical alert button, so all the family would have confidence, Mom would have had more confidence to be able to stay living alone at home surrounded by her local community and friends.
Everybody would have been reassured knowing that help would be on the way just by simply pushing a button.

“We wished that we had a CareCallingNow Service so we could be certain she was OKAY” 

Now we owned the “Medical Alert System Mom Won’t Wear” it so let’s walk in her shoes for a moment. Mom’s has always been hard working, busy, nothing is too much trouble for her, strongly independent and more concerned about caring for everyone else than herself.  She rarely, if ever, complains even when you know she’s not be feeling her best.  Now you’re the caregiver and it’s Mom’s turn to be cared for. Unfortunately, Mom’s generally are not ready or don’t want their children to tell them what’s best for them.
I mean Mom’s been taking care of you for years and what she sees, is that your still her son or daughter, not a grown adult.
I’m sure I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but let’s not forget basic human nature.

So the answer to the problem is really very simple and right in front of you.

All you need to do is call Mom Every Day RIGHT!  BUT HOW? 

In our case, we already knew Mom didn’t want to be bothered wearing the Medical Alert button.
The situation is that she really doesn’t want to be bothered – she’s had managed her life by herself for years & really doesn’t consider the home to be dangerous for her, anyway she is OKAY. We hoped she understands some of the negative impacts of living by herself.

The reality is probably neither you or your Mom really don’t want to have a conversation every day, even if you could both find the time to do it.
Life interrupts time in your busy “sandwich generation” family so with CareCallingNow Service the interruption to her day is minimal (between 15 – 25 seconds /day) for a daily welfare/wellness check-in by phone just so you can be sure Mom is OKAY

Medical Alert people will tell you “Whatever you do don’t give up!”

With CareCallingNow Service you can truly be certain that your Mom (Dad) will be safe & secure there is no waiting for a call signup now

– a call is made every at least once every 24 hours.
– Mom responds to by pressing a number key and best of all


No bracelets, wristbands or other electronic devices, unsightly or not, to be worn.
If any happens to Mom you will know within 24 hours there is a problem.

Medical Alert Devices or Apps may be a good backup to your daily call but Medical Alerts are no use to you

  • if your not wearing it,
  • can’t remember what it’s for,
  • your injured & can’t reach it….

so it may still be days till someone finds you

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