ATTENTION! If Someone You Love Has Fallen Or Is Unable to Call For Assistance How Long Would It Be Before You Knew? If You Don’t Know The Answer Then It’s Important That You Keep Reading.


Discover how CareCallingNow can offer daily wellness and check-up calls to your elderly parents to make sure they are ok and in no need of medical emergency to give you the peace of mind you need throughout the day.

It’s Too Late When Your Elderly Parent …

✅ has tripped and fallen, in the middle of the night and or no-one is around
✅ is unable to reach the phone or the medical alert device once she’s fallen
✅ is already confused and disorientated, by medications or sickness
✅ has been taken to hospital and rehabilitating as a result
✅ is critically injured as a result of lying on the floor for days, or even weeks … unnoticed and forgotten



Two Years Of Proven Research

With over 2 years of research and software design work, our daily automated check-in calls are PROVEN to help your loved ones.


Proven to be Less Invasive

We’ve researched the top personal emergency response systems (PERS) devices. This is the simplest and least invasive technology. Nothing to wear, just need your phone, landline, mobile or VOIP.

Schedule The Call To Suit your Loved One

You’ll have direct access to our World Class software to have a call whenever required. Update the call time ONLINE for FREE as many times as you want.

Absolutely FREE - Your Call in your Language

We invested our time and expertise FIRST to give you a check-in call daily, that can be in most cases a language of your choosing. Over 20 languages* … All FREE for a limited time!

Care Calls

A daily automated wellness check in by phone for vulnerable people who want to maintain independence


CareCallingNow Plans are fully customizable and very affordable – less than two cups of coffee a week



Can cater to a variety of vulnerable people and have flexible options to suit your loved one’s lifestyle


2 Customize Your Details

Customize your daily call times – going to the doctors on Friday? No problem, have the call before or after you leave. Going out with friends or going on holidays with family? Well, you can switch off the calls while you’re away! Just Remember to turn them on when you return.

1 Choose the Time of Check-in Call

Choose any time night or day – 24/7 – a different time every day. More than once a day if you like! When the check-in call is received, your loved one answers the call and if everything is OKAY they only have to press a number Key on the keypad. It’s that simple!

3 Want your Own Voice Message?

Then just send us your voice recording and we’ll place it in the software so your loved one can listen to your voice every day!

Register Gold Value Plan Less than $1 per day!

Are You Torn Between Your Family And Your Elderly Parent?


If you have an elderly parent or loved one who lives alone you probably worry that they are OKAY.


You know that they value their independence and want to stay in their own home but at the same time you are concerned that they may have an accident and no one will be there to assist.


It can be difficult handing over what you see as your responsibility, calling your elderly parent or loved one everyday, to someone else.

Gold Value Plan Less than $1 per day!

includes one call per day - EVERY DAY - to your loved one.

(ongoing subscription $30 per month)

NO Contracts.  Cancel Any Time.  No Risk.

Give us a call Australia +61422948163 | USA  7024257127 we would be happy to assist your setup over the phone.

Gold Value Plans includes wellness check-in call – EVERY DAY – to your loved one for only $30 per month.                





Get me started Gold Value Plan Less than $1 per day!

Stop Worrying If You Missed Calling Your Loved One Today, CareCallingNow Will Do It For You! See How We Can Give You Peace Of Mind

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“This is a great way to keep people living independently in their own homes longer, which will save a lot of money in nursing home care. It also provides the re-assurance that your loved ones are okay, healthy and safe in their home.”

2GB Sunday Night Radio Host/ Uniting Church Reverend Bill Crews

Kathleen – carer

“I would recommend CareCallingNow to anybody who wants to rest easy knowing that their loved ones are checked on daily, initially I had my doubts about an automated voice but once the first week passed I was really happy that I didn’t have to speak to any one”

Cathy M - retired nurse

Now that you know all about CareCallingNow how can you not justify spending $1 per Day to know your Mom Or Dad is OKAY?