For Seniors Living Alone at Home

The CareCallingNow allows the user to enjoy the freedom of their local community that they have usually enjoyed for years. All they need to do is answer a 20 second automated phone, at a time of their choosing, daily.
The call can be arranged to suit you be it morning, midday, evening or midnight or any or all of these combinations.
Just ask us how we will get it done for you!

With CareCallingNow you can be out walking, visiting friends, shopping, playing golf, … or whatever you want to do….If you are using a landline, all you need to arrange the calls at times you will home. After that you are free to enjoy your day.

The call takes about 20 seconds, it’s not a conversation, then your done.

CareCallingNow should suit all seniors, if you have a mobile phone you can take it with you. Not intrusive just answer your phone no bands or necklaces to wear.

The independent, “live at home alone” senior wants to remain in their own home as long as possible whilst being bothered. CareCallingNow helps to achieve this and at the same time friends, neighbours and extended family are then included as part of team of carers but they all know “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS” as they only be called upon if the senior doesn’t respond to the CareCallingNow Service.

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