What is CareCallingNow?

CareCallingNow, are able to make as many reassurance calls by phone to your loved one as you require each day. Our Service has been created with seniors in mind. Our wellness check in calls are also suitable for vulnerable people living independently with disabilities, post-operative care patients and  elderly people living away from family.

Going away? Got an appointment? Unable to answer your phone at your nominated time?  Too easy just change the nominated time in your account, so you don’t need to rearrange your life around your wellness check in. To change your check in time simply login to your account and alter the time of call in the settings area. The time of call can be altered permanently or just for that day.

Seniors living on their own, without regular interaction from family members, are often left feeling alone and neglected. The CareCallingNow service is designed to make them feel secure in knowing that someone will check on them daily to ensure their well-being.

For families living out of town, or who are busy trying to keep up with demanding schedules, it’s not always possible to check on their loved ones daily. The Care Calling Now service is designed to provide the family with peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones will be checked on every day, or as more often if desired.

Our CareCallingNow daily care calls are advertising free which means that there is no one trying to sell you or your loved ones any products or have them commit money to fundraising efforts. You and your loved one’s privacy and anonymity is always guaranteed.

Our standard plans start for as little as $1 a day – making our service an affordable alternative or supplement to other care options. Plans can be customized to suit just about any need – and budget. Check out our plans. There are no contracts or commitments, you may cancel at any time with no questions asked.

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