Change Check In Time

Going out, unable to answer your normal phone on any given day? Then you won’t need wait for your daily call any more

Login to your account, on the accounts page, alter the time of call in the settings area. The time of call can be altered permanently for that day only



Fully Monitored Check In


Coming Soon:- Rather call or text us instead? Our monitored check-in plan would be perfect for those who do not wish to talk, do not require any reminders, but simply want to check-in with someone each day.
This plan allows you to call our toll-free number and leave a brief check-in message with our monitored message service (you can also send an email or text instead of calling).

Messages are checked daily at 7PM eastern time. You must call in by 6PM. If we do not receive your call by that time, we will attempt to contact you. If we fail to reach you, we will then notify your contact.

Monitored check-in service costs $14.95 per month for one call or email or text per day, seven days per week.

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