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Two Gold Coast grandparents are spending their golden years launching an innovative new business.

Their idea could save the lives of elderly residents – and provide peace of mind for their families.

For more information, visit www.carecallingnow.com

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From there Varsity Lakes kitchen Irene and Ian Manson are changing the way people check-in on their loved ones from anywhere in the world. Their idea is simple (phone rings)

“To let us know that everything is OKAY please wait till the end of this message and push any number key push the number key now.”

A daily telephone service to make sure that family members are OKAY
The concert was inspired by Ian’s own mother who was vulnerable and living alone

The only option we had was the medical Button or the necklaces.and we found that She just didn’t wear it.

In their seniors years themselves  They sold up their previous business and developed new software And launched CareCallingNow
Already they have customers around the Around the country and around the world

You have two calls in the day if you want or 3

Others have it in the evening Because  tea time can be a dangerous time vulnerable time for them to fall over and not be able to get up

If I don’t answer after three attempts relatives or neighbours are notified it it could prevent a tragedy.

Whilst is not designed to replace regular contact It’s a routine to provide peace of mind

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