Tips to Remove the Busy in Business Owner to Find Work-Life Balance

Running a business comes with its fair share of stressors, but running yourself ragged isn’t a good work ethic – it’s self-sabotage, and you’re putting yourself at a real risk of burning out. You may have accepted this as just another part of the job, but it’s not. Here’s how to remove some of the busy in business to find a reasonable and achievable work-life balance.

Know When to Pass the Torch

As a business owner, you feel the need to do and fix everything regarding your company. However, delegating tasks increases business success, lets your business grow, streamline tasks, and ensures that everything won’t implode if you take a day or two off to adjust your work-life balance. Go through a list of all tasks you handle on a daily or monthly basis, and pinpoint which ones could easily be done by someone else.

One such example is dropshipping. If you are like most entrepreneurs and have an ecommerce business, you know the importance of keeping inventory stocked and items shipped quickly. Using the dropshipping method, all orders and shipments are handled by your supplier. Another ecommerce-related task you can delegate is customer service. Customers and clients have questions and concerns, but a phone and email that won’t stop dinging can be unnerving, not to mention time-consuming. Make your website easy to navigate and mobile friendly so that customers can easily contact a designated customer service team with questions.

Craft Your To-Do List the Right Way

We all have our own way of keeping track of what needs to be done, but having sticky notes strewn about your desk and countless notes on your phone won’t do you any good. According to CEO Amir Salihefendic, the perfect to-do list is “a reliable system that can help you prioritize the important things and juggle many things at once without feeling overwhelmed.” Keep your lists short and sweet – if it’s too long, then it’s a sure sign you need to delegate. Prioritize what is important, but remind yourself that you don’t have to get everything done in a single day. Find the system that works best for you, whether it is a handwritten planner or a to-do list app (there are free options on the market, though others will require a monthly fee of $2.40 and up), so you never have to worry about deciphering your chicken scratch.

Pencil Yourself In

Ask any business owner about the secret to busting stress and self-care will likely be their answer. Squeeze it in by literally scheduling it. Set aside periods of time each day, whether it is 15-minute increments or an hour, where you turn the business off and just do you. The two previously mentioned tips should help you see where your time is going and find ways to free it up. Make time to stay on top of your physical health with exercise to start or end your day. You can combine the benefits of being outdoors and exercising by going for weekly hikes (be sure you have the appropriate equipment and footwear). Find a hobby to discover a passion/interest outside of work, or take a few moments to journal, read, or meditate on your own.

Find Ways to Tighten Your Budget

Unless they hit the jackpot right out of the gate, most small business owners struggle with making ends meet during the first few months (or years). So, in order to help cut down on the amount of money-related stresses you’re experiencing during that time frame, look for ways to cut back. For example, take a hard look at your supplies and look for ways to cut corners and save money. Also, if you’re renting an office space, consider setting aside an area inside of your home as a dedicated workspace. Although it will cost you a bit to get this area up and running, chances are it will cost less than monthly rent over the long term. For instance, in Las Vegas, the cost of a handyman is between $125 and $407, which is usually a one-time cost.

Vacation the Right Way

Whether you are taking a day off to relax or dedicating an entire week to a vacation, don’t let work seep into it. Put your skills as a savvy entrepreneur to work by utilizing work automation tools and delegating your workload to an assistant or trusted employee. Getting away can be easy and stress-free as long as you give customers/clients a heads up and create an emergency plan. Automate phone calls and emails with a response stating the day(s) you are away and a reasonable timeframe in which you will get back to them. Let employees know to call you only in the case of an emergency so that you can focus on reenergizing.

Outsource some personal tasks

If you have a family, you also have tons of obligations to them. And if you also have elderly parents to consider, your time is often split even further. Consider looking for ways to alleviate some of your personal burdens. One smart choice is to sign up for CareCallingNow. For about $1 per day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe at home when you can’t be there. While this does not replace calling your parents occasionally, it will keep you from worrying on the days that you don’t have time to check in.

Running a business can take its toll on you if you aren’t careful. Keep unnecessary stress from building up by delegating tasks, prioritizing to-do lists, scheduling you-time, and taking those vacation days. Entrepreneurs are known for pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, but sometimes you need to take those boots off and relax.

When your flat out running your business and looking after your family it can be difficult to check in with family not living with you. Any elderly person who falls risks not being found this has a flow on effect for family and friends who worry that the loved one will be found in time.

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Tips to Remove the Busy in Business Owner to Find Work-Life BalanceTips to Remove the Busy in Business Owner to Find Work-Life Balance

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